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Okay, we all slip sometime ... that's life. I am here to help you stay focused and challenged. We are Blasting the Fat away one day at a time. We didn't put it on in one day, so let's be real ... it will take more than one day to take it off. If you are up to the challenge, join me on this journary to total health and fitness. Feel free to follow me and leave comments. We are in this for the long haul ... together.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

RevAbs Day 29

Dues Paid! Burned 1158 calories doing Total Strength / Mercy Abs!

Disappointed, but not surprised with week 4 results. KFC did me in big time! I’m just glad I paid my dues all week or it would have been gains instead of no change for the most part.

Weight ….no change
Waist ……no change
BF%.........down 1.5% amazing!
BMI….….no change

Challenge for the rest of the week: Eat super clean. Get all my water in. Add an extra 30 minutes of cardio in the mornings. Stay away from all forms of Fast Foods.

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